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2022 President's Message

3 Jan 2022 9:13 AM | Kofi Oteng Bawuah (Administrator)


Covid-19 has proven to be the ultimate test for us humans in modern times and we have failed miserably.  We have learned and are still learning the best ways to work together to end this pandemic.  Our messaging has been INCONSISTENT from the beginning and because of this, even after two years, we have still having debates about the importance of masking, vaccinations, testing, social distancing, etc. to control the spread and the mutation of this virus. Additionally, some trustworthy leaders and reputable institutions have lost their credibility because of the INCONSITENT messaging and guidance.

But I believe there’s HOPE. I believe we can overcome this.  Athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, just to mention a few, were successful because of their CONSITENCY.  They took no days off and practiced daily until it literally became painful.  So, to overcome COVID-19, we have to remain CONSISTENT with the scientific measures that have proven to work. Yes! We are tired of the masks, yes! Some have had adverse reactions to the vaccines.  But we can’t give up!  We have to remain consistent so that we can get back to some level of pre-COVID-19 normalcy.

The consistency message must resonate with GPhA, we need to be consistent with our membership engagement initiatives and programs.  As President, I take full responsibility, we will do better.

 As Lebron James said, “You need to be able to accept failure to get better”. Our elections were a failure despite the awesome effort put in by Kofi Nyame, our electoral commissioner.  The enthusiasm just wasn’t there, but GPhA will get better.

 I strongly believe in change.  To that effect I will choose interim leadership this month to help lead us until the next “successful” election.

My dear GPhA colleagues, Let’s be CONSISTENT in our endeavors so we can experience sustained success. 

A Healthy and Prosperous 2022 to us all.

Kofi Oteng Bawuah

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